My rubbish computer and GoPro

One of the questions that may not be considered but can prove to be quite frustrating after buying a GoPro is the limitations of your computer. It’s great that the GoPro can record in various options but many of them cannot be played by an average PC as they are not powerful enough or don’t have a modern graphics card.

I have had various PC’s over the last few years with none of them being right up-to-date as such but have found the best resolutions to use on each at the time. Please note that there will be cleverer people than me out there with specific information on what type of computer you will need but if you don’t have money to spend its good to know what resolutions might be best on your current set up.

Late 2009 Macbook : OS X Yosemite (8gb ram)- This is the best and easiest to use by a mile. The 8gb ram helped obviously but GoPro Studio was easy and did not suffer long delays, I also used iMovie and really enjoyed editing with this. I have since passed on the mac to my son but sort of sorry I did! The best resolution I found was 1080p 30fps, the mac could play the video and rendering didn’t take days. For slow motion 720p 60fps was great but you obviously lose a touch of sharpness in the image.

ACER Laptop : i3 with 5gb ram – This is my current laptop and to be honest it’s not amazing, It won’t play 1080p 60fps smoothly although it will render them fine so you can use GoPro studio no problem to create the video. Again, I have found 1080p 30fps to be great but prefer using 1080p 60fps as the video once completed looks amazing.

What will play my finished videos?

Well, I have nearly everything – Apple TV, Chromecast, TV USB, various desktops but there is one item that is by far the best…….Raspberry Pi 2! This little device will play everything very smoothly no problem at all. I have set mine up with OpenElec which is pretty straight forward. For appx £30 you cannot go wrong. Once fixed up behind the TV you wouldn’t even know it’s there and you can use your smartphone as the remote control.

I hope this is of some help.



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