GoPro – What’s the fuss?

Everyone who browses online will come across an amazing video at some point which will look amazing and probably created with a GoPro. I purchased a Hero 3+ a couple of years ago and since then have purchased a Hero 4 and recently a Hero 4 silver. I want to share what it has done for a normal family of 5 who don’t do much adrenalin sports.

Most people would think like I did there isn’t much point but there is, I assure you.

Since owning one we go out more as a family just to create family videos of us doing ‘stuff’. We also recently went to Spain and it is such a small camera many relations didn’t know I had it and were amazed by the quality of the videos. These are videos of family and friends that we will never lose and would never of recorded if it wasn’t for the GoPro. You don’t even need to spend a fortune, the entry level Hero 4 can now be purchased for £89 and is a lot better than you would think.

Not only is the GoPro a a great bit of technology but it can actually make you more active and healthy as you have to get out there to use it even if it is just a walk up Wittenham Clumps. If you are 50% to buy one or not I urge you to go on impulse and get one! #gopro #goprouk


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